Thickness sorting machine for tablets, dragees and capsules

Improve your product quality with our mechanical thickness sorting machine – simple sorting of products which are misshapen, too thick, too thin, stuck together, or in small fragments – before the next process step.

Seidenader's DS12+ automatic thickness sorting machine is user-friendly and requires little maintenance.

Thickness sorting with the DS12+

  • Accurate sorting adjustment

    The bevelled sorting channels consist of two robust, counterrotating rollers, which guide the tablets precisely through the channel. The setting accuracy is continuously adjustable with tolerances down to ± 0.05 mm. The DS12+ offers a high sorting capacity of up to 1,000 kg/h, depending on the size and type of product.

  • Precise thickness sorting

    The gap between the rollers determines the sorting process. Depending on the adjustment the tablets automatically drop into three different discharge channels: “too thin” at the top, “good” in the middle and “too thick” at the bottom. Smaller fragments can be screened out prior to the sorting process.

  • Flexible integration into production lines

    Upstream of a blister machine it prevents interruptions to the packaging process caused by under- or oversized products. Installed before coating, only the tablets of the required size will be coated. After coating, tablets that are stuck together or with too thick or irregular coatings are rejected. Also foreign material detected on the basis of its size can be separated.

  • Easy handling and maintenance

    Thanks to the compact design, the DS12+ is perfect to load. All parts of the machine are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance. If necessary, individual rollers can be quickly and costefficiently replaced. All components, which come into contact with the product are made of FDA-compliant materials.

  • User-friendly control panel

    The DS12+ features a user-friendly control panel (HMI) with touch-screen. In the event of a product change the recipe for the product-specific machine settings can be retrieved from the HMI. The parameters for the new tablet format are set manually and reproducibly, and are confirmed in the HMI.

  • Fast adjustment to new tablet formats

    The sorting channels can be easily adjusted via two positioning wheels in the upper and lower parts of the rollers. A sensor checks the accuracy of the roller spacing, which is displayed in the HMI at up to one-hundredth of a millimetre precision. A format change requires only the replacement of a single format part.

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When size really matters

Video DS12+

Seidenader's solution for thickness sorting of tablets

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