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Automatic inspection machines for parenteralia

When we develop our products we have the entire service life of the machine in view: energy consumption, repair costs, maintenance cycles, and the expandability of our systems, but also innovative technologies, highest quality of used materials, and maximum flexibility. An existing system can be reconfigured quickly and simply to suit new container formats and products. If your product line is expanded, a Seidenader  inspection machine can be upgraded or retrofitted even after many years.

Advanced Inspection

  • Reliable reproducibility

    Regardless of the throughput speed and the form, size, glass colour and contents of the container: each camera inspects each individual product. Consequently, identical conditions for each product simplify validation.

  • Highest inspection quality

    Stable, stationary optical systems and the very latest high-performance LED lighting, vibration-free high-speed images for optimal inspection results, durability of camera and lighting systems.

  • Individual rotation profiles

    Individually controllable servo motors for each position in the inspection carousel: for different products the optimal rotation speed and stop time are saved as a recipe. Also, different kinds of particle can be rotated differently at different camera stations.

  • Maximum precision

    Gentle top/bottom handling of the product in the high voltage module for reliably reproducible leak detection: reliable 360° inspection by actively rotating the container, and minimum electrode/container  distance for optimal inspection results.

  • 100% integrity inspection

    Also for freeze-dried products: non-destructive leak detection can be integrated into the inspection module of all Seidenader machines.

Smooth Handling

  • Gentle product infeed

    The sprung side guide and the small distance of the product holders in the infeed star wheel reduce pressure and friction to a minimum, even at high speeds. Smooth product transport prior to inspection also prevents the formation of air bubbles in the liquid, which in turn lowers the false reject rate.

  • Smooth transport

    Flying transport using a vacuum system makes side guides in the inspection modules superfluous. Smooth transport of containers prevents scratches on the container and eliminates the risk of glass breakages in the machine.

  • Secure retention

    Containers are held securely during rotation in the inspection positions thanks to optimal retention, top and bottom: Container-specific format parts and uniform pressure prevent damage to the cap (gripless retention).

High Efficiency

  • Highest inspection speed

    Up to 600 containers per minute, depending on the configuration of the individual machine – available for each machine series.

  • Intelligent infeed control

    Reliable inspection at validated speed using the split infeed screw: the split enables the infeed to be closed and the machine to be emptied, without leaving any non-inspected products in the machine. Gaps can be generated for re-inspection or when deselecting individual rotation axes.

  • Easy format change

    All format parts are clearly marked and numbered and can be changed quickly and without any tools – on all machine types – and thus reduces machine downtime.

  • Individual servo drives

    Individual servo drives for each position in the inspection carousel enable the individual rotation axes to be controlled, for example when deselecting individual rotation axes.

Maximum Flexibility

  • Wide range of container types

    A wide range of containers can be inspected in a single machine: thanks to toolless format changes rapid switching to vials, ampules or cartridges is the norm.

  • Complete DIN size range

    One machine can inspect vials, ampules and cartridges, or syringes, in all DIN sizes from 1 ml to 100 ml with diameters from 8.65 mm to 51.6 mm – a fast format change to the respective container size is all that is needed.

  • Different types of glass

    Clear glass or brown glass, moulded glass or tubular glass – appropriate inspection parameters are evaluated and stored in the respective recipes.

  • Many different products

    Aqueous solution, suspension, emulsion, oil or lyophilisate – clear, opaque or solid. For every product there is an optimal selection and setting for lighting and camera, rotation speed, number of camera stations and inspection technologies.

  • Variable production requirements

    The container infeed can take place inline from an upstream system or offline from cassettes, with or without a buffer. Defective products can be categorized according to customer requirements, and good products either removed manually using cassettes or conveyed inline to the next machine in the line.

  • Later retrofits

    When your production requirements change – new containers, different sizes, different products or other inspection criteria, new technologies, inline instead of offline operation – the modular structure of Seidenader machines allows them to undergo many types of retrofit – even many years after commissioning.

Excellent Design

  • Optimized maintenance

    Robust drive technology, few wearing parts and fully housed camera systems need little maintenance. Use of common parts wherever possible means a smaller stock of spare parts, for example when several Seidenader inspection machines of similar types are in use.

  • Easy cleaning

    The tried-and-tested Seidenader Hyseptic Standard provides rounded wiping edges, optimal visibility and access to all areas of the machines, thanks to their column design for cleaning purposes and a split electrical cabinet.

  • Future-oriented modularity

    Simple configuration of a machine according to the customer's requirements: fast adaptation to new requirements thanks to conversion and retrofit options. Optimized stock management of spare parts for correlating machine series.

  • Ergonomic design

    Mechanically assisted infeed pusher, save cleaning thanks to rounded edges, as well as covered cables and hoses, simple, toolless format changes with optimized accessibility, intuitive operation of the machine via a large touchscreen HMI, available as an option in various national languages.

Automatic inspection - get inspired!

CS Series

Automatic high-speed inspection for vials, ampules and cartridges

MS Series

High-performance inspection machine for ampules, vials and cartriges.

In this machine ampules are inspected with cameras for particles and cosmetic defects. It includes the HVLD SLIM module for high-voltage leak detection.

Seidenader VI-S

High-performance inspection for pre-filled syringes

This video shows the inspection of syringes for particles and cosmetic defects.

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Automatic Inspection - An Overview
Automatic inspection machines for high-precision performance

Seidenader CS Series
Automatic high-speed inspection for vials, ampules and cartridges

Seidenader De-/Re-Nester DE.SY.RE
Non-glass-to-glass-contact handling system for syringes, vials and cartridges

Seidenader MS Series
High-performance inspection for ampules, vials and cartridges

Seidenader VI Series
High-performance inspection for ampules, vials and cartridges

Seidenader MS-S / VI-S Series
High-performance inspection for pre-filled syringes

Seidenader UpsideDown
Turning inspection upside down - handling system for special applications

Seidenader Leak Detection
Verification of the integrity of pharmaceutical containers

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