Why Seidenader

For 120 years Seidenader has stood for quality and innovation in the development of machines for the pharmaceutical industry. A combination of the very latest mechanical engineering and in-house development of sophisticated camera applications, together with our expertise in handling large-scale projects, makes us a perfect partner for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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Your requirements

What do you want to inspect? Vials, ampules, cartridges, syringes, bottles? Filled with clear or opaque liquid? Emulsions? Viscose products containing oil? Lyophilisates? Powders? Perhaps you have tablets, oblongs, capsules? We can provide the right solution for you, based on your requirements.

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Our technologies

For efficient particle inspection and the inspection of your containers for cosmetic defects, we offer state-of-the-art solutions in image processing. And when camera technology comes up against its limits, for example in the case of leakage testing of containers, we offer complementary technologies such as high voltage and laser technology.

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Automatic inspection machines

Our inspection machines are designed for cost-effective and reliable quality control of a wide range of pharmaceutical containers (primary packaging). On the basis of factors such as the number of inspection criteria, the size of the containers, the condition of the product and the required inspection speed, we can provide tailor-made solutions.

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Semi-automatic inspection

Often, visual inspection is and will remain the method of choice. Seidenader can provide machines and table-top devices to assist you. Depending on the container, product and inspection criteria, various lighting systems and a magnifying glass are available. Furthermore, a handling system for containers can speed up inspection.

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Inspection applications

Inspect your empty glass containers for defects before you fill them with expensive pharmaceuticals. Check seals for defects, during the filling process. With quality controls integrated into your existing machines or as a stand-alone solution – you can increase efficiency and reliability of your production process in advance of the usual final inspection.

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Tablet sorting

For tablets, Seidenader offers its customers solutions for sorting on thickness and length. Inspection belts provide support for manual tablet sorting. Also, a solution for tablet dedusting, cleaning and polishing can be integrated into existing equipment.

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Other Seidenader products

For the inspection process, Seidenader provides conveyor systems for gently feeding finished syringes for cleaning, labelling or inspection, as well as outside cleaning machines which reliably clean ampules, vials and cartridges after the filling process, removing any product residue.

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