Challenging training – in an international environment

Training the next generation from within our own ranks is especially important to us. This is why Seidenader is currently training apprentices in the following skilled professions: Technical Product Designer, Specialised Computer Scientist / sw development, Industrial Business Management Assistant, Electronic Engineer for Technical Equipment, Manufacturing Technician, Precision Mechanic and Mechatronician. The training, which has a strong practical component, is intended to prepare our trainees optimally for their later professional life, ideally within our company.

During the training we attach great importance to you gaining a lot of practical experience in addition to a sound technical qualification. Both, within our company and on our customers' sites. In this way you can understand and experience at an early stage of your training what drives us: the satisfaction of our customers.

In addition to specialised technical training, our training also includes workshops on team building. The focus is on team structures, one's own role within the team, dealing with conflicts and improving communication.

In partnership with Munich’s vocational school we are participating in the EMEU (engineering Mobility in Europe) project and via the programme we provide an opportunity of gaining experience in other European countries. In addition, we are taking part in the EU's LEONARDO DA VINCI MOVET II innovation transfer project. This system is designed to facilitate foreign stays for trainees as part of their training, and above all to facilitate an appreciation of learning outcomes achieved abroad.

Once training has been successfully concluded, the chances of acceptance are very high.

Hand on heart: are we a good match?

Are we a good match? The best way to find out is for us to get to know each other personally. But of course you can ask yourself beforehand whether these points apply to you:

You are inspired by technology and are interested in machines. You want to understand complex interconnections in order to get the hang of them. You like working in a team and enjoy dealing with people. Maybe you already speak good English? And if not, you are ready to learn it to communicate with our international customers. You keep a cool head, even if things get hectic sometimes.

We can also gladly provide practical experience in vocational professions for interested school students. In this way we can get to know each other and you can acquaint yourself with your future profession.

It's easy to apply

Our training starts on 1 September. Ideally you should submit your application documents to us a year in advance. Make sure you apply in good time, because some skilled occupations are in great demand. However, a training place may become available again at a later time. So take a regular look at our jobs portal. There you will find all currently available training places and you can apply for a training place.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about Seidenader, training or occupations, please contact us directly. Perhaps would you like to complete a student internship with us before applying formally? We look forward to you getting in touch and we shall be pleased to answer your questions.

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Get in contact with us!

Do you have any questions regarding our training? Write to us by filling out the contact form. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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