Knowledge is power, and we want to empower our customers through our targeted training and support programs. Our adapted training programs impart theoretical and practical knowledge to enhance the productivity of your employees.

On this page you will find all about our training courses, updates and news relating to our Academy.

Experience different trainings

The Seidenader Academy provides trainings about different subjects. You can book predefined trainings at Seidenader but also predefinded or customized trainings at your side to cover your needs.

The subjects of the Seidenader Academy Trainings can be divided in the following categories:

Automatic inspection machines

Handling systems

Semi-automatic inspection machines

Technical trainings

The Seidenader Learning Platform


In the Seidenader Learning Platform, you can browse courses which are fitting to your needs and demands. You can decide for trainings on your demand. We provide various types of courses in several subjects: From instructor-led training to web-based training, about different topics from machine trainings to technical trainings.

How it works:

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Get the benefits from various course types

Everyone learns differently and training is more efficient when courses are tailored to the specific learning content. With the learning platform, we offer a comprehensive library of courses which are containing various learning methods.

Instructor-led Training

Learn more with our hands-on and face-to-face trainings.

With the traditional classroom training, you will get the best benefit from instructors. Instant support can clarify all your questions. Instructors take your needs and requirements into consideration to provide a high-quality learning experience.

The small class size provides a great opportunity to share the nuggets of information and collaborate with other colleagues. The classroom training focuses on interactivity and practice to build a first-hand experience. You will feel confident when applying new concepts immediately in the workplace.

Web-based Training

Find more about the solutions from anywhere in the world, at any time that suits your schedule.

Seidenader Learning Platform offers a wide range of well-designed online courses. Now it is time to learn at your pace.

Let’s imagine a machine operator who is responsible for the inspection of containers.  Due to a software update, there have been lots of changes. So, it is mandatory to take a course of technical training to get familiar with the latest version of the software.Instead of spending enormous amounts of time and money for traveling, get up-to-date at any time and from anywhere. We aim to make education accessible for everyone.

Virtual Classroom

Attend real-time trainings from anywhere in the world.

In our virtual classrooms, you can learn conveniently on your device with more flexibility. You meet with instructors and other participants live on screen at a fixed time. As in a classic face-to-face seminar, you also have the opportunity to ask questions and get an immediate feedback: Either via a chat window or directly via your headset.

As in the web-based learning, geographical boundaries and all the associated problems are dismissed with the flick of a switch. Enjoy the new freedom of location-independent learning.

Blended Learning

Boost the productivity with the integration of technology combined with classroom trainings.

As part of our blended learning approach, we offer online webinars and web-based training courses on various topics in addition to our in-house training courses.

With online learning solutions, you can gain a professional overview of key concepts even before attending a seminar. In classroom training, practical exercises and tests help you consolidate your acquired knowledge. Blended learning tears down the traditional barriers and enhances your learning experience.

Take your learning to the next level

Personalized learning

Be at the center of learning and practice at your own pace. Take as much time and as many steps as you need to become an expert. Follow your learning path and gain exactly what you need.

Flexibility: Learn anytime, anywhere

Select, manage and assess your own learning activities which can be pursued at any time, in any place.

Learning by doing

Train with robust and enriching learning programs. Discover more with hands-on experiences. Build expertise with practical on-the-job trainings.


All-in-one place

Easy access to diverse training topics in one platform. Online tutorials, seminars, webinars and more.


Guided learning

Through dedicated courses and video playlists for various types of machines and topics.

Bite-sized learning

Short learning modules provide an effective just-in-time support.


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Enable learning on-the-go with our mobile app

Within our modern learning platform, you have multiple possibilities to learn wherever you are, whenever you want, on any device.

We will soon provide a mobile app for your individual device, so you can take courses on-the-go. Stream them on the plane, the subway, outdoor or wherever you learn the best.

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