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Seidenader supports you in optimizing your packaging process to comply with current or impending legislation and regulations worldwide. For many years we have been successfully supporting small, medium-sized and global pharmaceutical companies in implementing both local and large-scale projects covering several manufacturing plants.

Seidenader combines engineering knowledge, experience of industrial image processing and know-how acquired from programming appropriate software, and we ensure the complete integration of the track & trace functionality required in each case into your packaging lines.

All track & trace regulations at a glance

Worldwide, pharmaceutical companies have to consider existing and expected legislation on anti-counterfeiting and traceability of drugs. Many governments opt for the implementation of serialization regulations. To keep you informed of governmental track & trace programs we regularly update our Roadmap of Regulations. For information just click on the respective country or region in below map.

United States of America

  • Serialization (11.2017)
  • Aggregation (11.2019)
  • GS1 Datamatrix


  • Serialization (06.2012)
  • Aggregation (not req.)
  • GS1 Datamatrix


  • Serialization (01.2010)
  • Aggregation (11.2012)
  • GS1 Datamatrix


  • Serialization (01.2013)
  • Aggregation (Serial on tert. pack)
  • GS1 Datamatrix, Code 128

Saudi Arabia

  • Serialization (03.2016)
  • Aggregation (not req.)
  • GS1 Datamatrix


  • Serialization (12/2015)
  • Aggregation (12/2015)
  • Code 128

South Korea, Republic of Korea

  • Serialization (01.2015)
  • Aggregation (01.2017)
  • GS1 Datamatrix, Code 128


  • Serialization (12.2019)
  • Aggregation (not req.)
  • GS1 Datamatrix

Our motivation for good track & trace solutions

Legislation and regulation

Seidenader Track&Trace solutions meet the stringent quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry and are compliant with the FDA’s Title 21 CFR Part 11, cGMP and GAMP requirements.

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