Our Track&Trace solutions

Seidenader Track&Trace solutions enable serialization at each aggregation level in pharmaceutical packaging. We offer stand-alone solutions as well as integration of components into third-party systems at each secondary packaging level. Using serialization with 1D/2D coding including human-readable text, our solution supports anti-counterfeiting initiatives and ensures product authentication. And we guarantee conformity with legal and country-specific regulations – today and tomorrow.

Your benefits

Our modular approach

Seidenader’s new Track&Trace Solutions software is modular in design. An individual solution is built according to customer needs for the relevant jobs (serialization, aggregation, rework and production data capture). 80% of the requirements in a normal project can be met by the modular standard software. The remaining 20% can be covered by automated and manual configuration.

The hardware solution


Seidenader's ItemUnit provides a modular, expandable solution for the serialisation of your folding boxes. They are identified by inkjet or laser printing, applied directly to the box. Optionally, pre-printed or inline printed labels can be applied. Printing is checked and verified by tried-and-tested Seidenader Vision Technology; incorrect boxes are rejected by an integrated reject system. In addition, product characteristics such as weight and dimensions can be inspected in the ItemUnit. Application and verification of tamper-evident seals is also possible, to ensure protection from tampering.

The ItemUnit can be used with manual product removal as a stand-alone solution. With an Inline solution, the boxes will be automatically conveyed to the next packaging level after serialisation.

The advantages

  • Hardware, software, integration - everything from a single source
  • Modular system - all modules can be combined
  • Optimized spare part management
  • Short delivery time
  • Low test costs
  • Quick start-up
  • Intuitive operation

The software products

Multi Line Manager

  • Global serial number management
  • Global interface with MES/ERP
  • Global recipe management
  • Global batch management and information
  • Global user management
  • Global report management
  • Global line administration and information

Line Controller

  • Central batch management and information for the respective line
  • Distribution of batch data to all aggregation levels of the respective line
  • Central information collection for all aggregation levels of the respective line (lot information, error messages, diagnostics messages, and more)

Item Expert

  • Coding of the single saleable unit: Print of serial number and batch information (lot number, expiry date, etc.)
  • Verification of the printed data
  • Serialization

Bundle Expert

  • Scanning of the code (serial number) of the single saleable units
  • Serialization of the bundle
  • Aggregation

Case Expert

  • Scanning of the code (serial number) of the bundle or single saleable units
  • Serialization of the case
  • Aggregation

Pallet Expert

  • Scanning of the code (serial number) of the bundles/cases
  • Serialization of the pallet
  • Aggregation

Rework Expert

  • In-lot and post-lot rework capabilities
  • Decommissioning of aggregated packaging levels
  • Aggregation to new packaging levels
  • Defect creation
  • QC-sample creation

The technical features

In addition to the perfect interaction of the individual software modules, the technical solutions play an important part in the implementation of the ideal Track&Trace solution. When developing the technical units which will be integrated into your production system, Seidenader relies on its decades of experience in the development and implementation of pharmaceutical inspection systems.

  • Transport

    Advanced servo-driven flighted conveyor belts for precise guidance during product coding for best print results. Compact servo-driven top/bottom conveyor system for effective transport of the complete product range.

  • Print

    Market leading inkjet and laser printing technology for an optimal print result.

  • Identification Verification

    Seidenader vision technology verifies the presence, readability, correctness and quality of the online printed data. Integration of 3rd party vision solutions (e.g. Cognex) for local requirements.

  • Label Application

    Vignette label applicator for top and side label application. Tamper evident label application on the flaps of the folding boxes to guarantee the closure of the products.

  • Reject

    Pneumatic reject for smooth and damage free product sorting. Servo-driven reject for heavy boxes and high-speed sorting

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