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Serialization and aggregation for the pharmaceutical industry

Legislation and regulation

Every year, more and more risk is posed on patients due to counterfeit drugs. In addition, pharmaceutical companies are suffering substantial harm due to product falsifications and unauthorized distribution of products on the grey market. In total there are risks for profit and revenue, brand equity, however most important risk to the health of patients.

The unique identification of medicinal products and the possibility of keeping track of them, in best case via aggregated data, guarantees the best possible monitoring and protection from falsification.

All track & trace regulations at a glance

United States of America

  • Serialization (11.2018)
  • Aggregation (11.2023)
  • GS1 Datamatrix


  • Serialization (12.2021)
  • Aggregation (12.2021)
  • GS1 Datamatrix


  • Serialization (06.2012)
  • Aggregation (not req.)
  • GS1 Datamatrix


  • Serialization (01.2010)
  • Aggregation (11.2012)
  • GS1 Datamatrix


  • Serialization (01.2013)
  • Aggregation (04.2016)
  • GS1 Datamatrix, Code 128

Saudi Arabia

  • Serialization (03.2016)
  • Aggregation (not req.)
  • GS1 Datamatrix


  • Serialization (12.2015)
  • Aggregation (12.2015)
  • Code 128

South Korea, Republic of Korea

  • Serialization (01.2015)
  • Aggregation (not req.)
  • GS1 Datamatrix, Code 128


  • Serialization (01.2020)
  • Aggregation (01.2020)
  • GS1 Datamatrix


  • Serialization (04.2021)
  • Aggregation (04.2021)
  • GS1 Databar Composite


  • Serialization (12.2019)
  • Aggregation (not req.)
  • GS1 Datamatrix

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It's time to serialize for Europe

Unique identification and tracking

Printing + verification

Coding of the sales unit with variable, production-related data (e. g. batch number, expiry date) and verification of the printed information.


Coding of the sales unit with serial number and variable data plus verification of the printed information.

Serialization + aggregation (e-pedigree)

Seamless tracking in the supply chain and evidence of origin through serialization and aggregation (an electronic ‘family tree’) extending across every level of packaging.

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All documents accessible at all times in accordance with GAMP5 regulations.
GAMP5 - all documents accessible at all times.

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