Seidenader OCR/OCV & Code Inspection

Camera station to check correct labelling and coding on pharmaceutical containers and packages.

Carton inspection


OCR/OCV & Code Inspection is used wherever product quality depends directly on correct labeling and coding. In packaging lines, the product code, label, instruction leaflet and cardboard box for each product are compared and inspected.

OCR/OCV & Code applications:

  • Labels, cartons, leaflets, trays, flip-off caps, vials, crimp skirt, blister lid, etc.
  • Stamp, hot foil, cliché, thermotransfer, laser, inkjet, embossing, needle, etc.
  • Identification of alpha numeric, Cyrillic, Japanese or Arab characters
  • Lot numbers, expiration dates, label ID numbers, NDC's/GTIN'
  • Linear bar code & 2D code verification
  • 2D grading to ISO/IEC standards


  • OCR/OCV "Quick Train" feature allows user to train the system on normal variations in text appearance.
  • Regulatory compliance and quality demands of supply chain partners are met through on-line grading of 2D codes.
  • Printed text is matched to data in data matrix codes
  • Seamless integration into existing as well as new OEM packaging equipment.
  • A single platform for OCR/OCV, code verification and all other vision inspections minimizes training time on SVControl.
  • Turnkey solution from one single source
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Declaration of conformity

Machine design and employed materials comply with:

  • current GMP recommendations,
  • OSHA regulations, 
  • CE requirements and
  • 21 CFR part 11 whenever required,
  • electrical standard EN 60204-1.

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