Seidenader DAR

Exterior cleaning and drying after filling process for safety of operators and medical staff.

After filling antibiotics, anti-cancer drugs or other toxic products, as well as vitamin B 12, sugar containing solutions and oily liquids, it is very important that no product remains on the outer surface of the container to secure operator safety and optimal processing. The Seidenader DAR provides for clean and dry containers.


The containers are fed in-line or from a tray by an infeed belt into synchronized star wheels. In the cleaning stage they pass through a pre-wash zone with warm water, a cleaning zone with warm water and detergent, and a rinsing zone with clear water. The water nozzles are designed and adjusted to keep the caps, seals and crimps dry. Drying of the cleaned containers is accomplished by a series of compressed air nozzles. Optionally, a warm air blow-off system is available. Star wheels transport the containers to the outfeed for transfer to downstream machine or a tray.


  • For ampules, vials, syringes and cartridges from 0.5 - 250 ml.
  • Adjustable cleaning and drying nozzles with graduations for precise adjustment for reproducible change over
  • Dry caps, seals and crimps through customized adjustment of the water nozzles and special design
  • Plug-in change parts for easy and quick change over
  • Low water consumption: rinse water is collected in the stainless steel tank and recirculated to pre-wash nozzles.
  • Low noise level through noise protection cover

Technical Details

Throughput rate max. 21,000 container/h
Range of container sizes 0.5 ml - 250 ml
Dimensions of machine depending on configuration
Working height 950 mm ±30 mm
Electrical cabinet - standard layout integrated
Voltage/frequency - standard 400 V, 3 Ph+N+PE, 50 Hz
Compressed air min. 6 bar
Water pressure min. 2 bar - max. 4 bar
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Declaration of conformity

Machine design and employed materials comply with:

  • current GMP recommendations,
  • OSHA regulations, 
  • CE requirements and
  • 21 CFR part 11 whenever required,
  • electrical standard EN 60204-1.
Facts & Figures

More than 115 years of experience in manufacturing pharmaceutical equipment

350 employees worldwide developing inspection solutions and vision systems for the pharmaceutical industry

275 track & trace installations by Seidenader, worldwide