Total costs of ownership (TCO)

With its solutions in the area of inspection and track & trace, Seidenader applies the TCO approach. Already at the development stage, all aspects of subsequent use, such as energy costs, repair and maintenance, for example, are taken into consideration.

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With regulation in mind

GMP, FDA, governments. Rules, regulations, laws - we offer inspection and track & trace solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, to meet both current and future requirements.

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Protection from counterfeiting

Product piracy involving medicines causes harm to patients, which in addition to endangering health also causes significant economic detriment to manufacturers. Both drug manufacturers and governments are therefore interested in solutions which make counterfeit-proof drugs possible.

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Product traceability

When pharmaceutical products are recalled, there is one thing which is key to the prevention of further economic damage to manufacturers: traceability of the products. It also plays an important part in combatting counterfeit products which are sold illegally on the so-called grey market.

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