Inspection and Sorting of Tablets

Mechanical or operator based processes to increase consistent product quality.

The different Seidenader systems are designed to either support an operator inspecting a wide variety of tablets and capsules, or to automatically sort them by length or thickness to eliminate "twins", and broken or "halved" tablets.

Sorting by thickness - Seidenader DS
Too thin, too thick or odd-shaped plain and coated tablets as well as twins are automatically separated.

Sorting by length - Seidenader L650
Oversized oblong tablets, twins and broken or halved tablets are eliminated automatically.

Inspection belts to support operator
Seidenader V50-2 with rotating rollers and WB20 with turn-over system for manual separation of defect tablets or capsules.

Dedusting, cleaning and polishing - PM60
Continuous cleaning and high-gloss polishing while gently transporting the hard gelatine capsules to the next process.


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Declaration of conformity

Machine design and employed materials comply with:

  • current GMP recommendations,
  • OSHA regulations, 
  • CE requirements and
  • 21 CFR part 11 whenever required,
  • electrical standard EN 60204-1.
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