Semi-Automatic Inspection

Visual quality control of a wide range of pharmaceutical containers supported by machines or handy table top devices.

Pharmaceutical products like parenterals, that are applied as injection or infusion, need to be inspected for particulate matter. In larger production environment this control is usually done by automatic inspection systems. But for smaller production lines, special products or for other reasons sometimes visual inspection is the preferred option. 

Visual inspection is aided by magnifying lenses and different light systems, depending on container, product, and inspection criteria. And it can also be facilitated by automatic handling systems for the containers:

Visual inspection with automatic handling of the products which are continuously presented to the operator.

Visual inspection on a table top machine with manual handling of the products. A handful of products checked at a time.

Handy table top device for visual control of one product at a time, especially for quality control sample checks.


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Declaration of conformity

Machine design and employed materials comply with:

  • current GMP recommendations,
  • OSHA regulations, 
  • CE requirements and
  • 21 CFR part 11 whenever required,
  • electrical standard EN 60204-1.